Strategic Alliances

Strategic partnerships help us achieve our mission of advancing institutions by connecting our community with organizations that represent and command a better future for higher education. SCUP is proud to engage with organizations that add value to our professional community.

SCUP Partners

Association for Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE)
AHEE is a network of higher education professionals who lead or staff offices that intentionally integrate multiple functions (strategic planning, institutional research, assessment, accreditation, program review) to promote and support evidence-based planning and improvement. SCUP has a cooperative agreement with AHEE for web support and collaborative programming.

Learning by Design
Articles from SCUP members and collaborators are featured three times a year in this print and online magazine that showcases education facility design and innovation. Additionally, a special issue is dedicated each July to the award recipients from the SCUP Excellence Awards Program. The awards are presented yearly at SCUP’s Annual Conference.

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
SCUP partnered with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing to conduct a nationwide study to explore lactation policy and facilities in US colleges and universities in 2018. View the survey results here.

SPOL helps colleges and universities improve institutional effectiveness and better prepare students for success. The company’s integrated software platform encompasses planning, accreditation, assessment, credentialing, and budgeting. SPOL works with higher education institutions to harness big data to generate actionable reporting and real-time visualizations, fostering continuous improvement, and institutional excellence. Our relationship with SPOL reinforces our commitment to integrated planning by linking the discipline of integrated planning with a tech platform that helps institutions align institutional planning actions.

SCUP Professional Affiliations

The Council of Higher Education Management Associations (CHEMA)
CHEMA is an informal and voluntary assembly of management-oriented higher education associations in the United States and Canada. We collectively share information, compare experiences, and work together on projects of shared interest. CHEMA members maximize their resources and create substantial benefits for the colleges and universities they represent. SCUP has long recognized CHEMA as a valuable forum for discussion on higher education issues, partnerships, and solutions. A list of CHEMA member organizations can be found here.

Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC)
HEASC is a network of higher education associations with a commitment to advancing sustainability within their constituencies and the entire system of higher education. HEASC works to build its members’ capacity to advance sustainability through initiatives such as:

  • Providing a forum to enable members to share information and exchange ideas
  • Promoting and supporting each other’s sustainability programming
  • Connecting members to expertise and resources to help them enhance their sustainability work
  • Engaging in joint projects, as appropriate to each organization’s mission