COVID-19 Response and Planning

Resources for your pandemic response

Making decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic is incredibly difficult. The risks are high, the future is ambiguous, and the situation is complex. These resources on recovery planning can help your college or university in its response and mitigation efforts.

COVID-19 recovery planning: scenarios, contingencies, continuity

Recovery planning develops and executes initiatives in response to crises, emergencies, and disruptive events. It’s an integrated approach that helps institutions mitigate consequences in the short-term while also determining a long-term path forward.

Recovery planning brings together three planning disciplines: scenario, contingency, and continuity planning.

  • Scenario planning helps you anticipate the outcomes of external events and forces. It clarifies an ambiguous future into distinct, realistic possibilities that can guide your decisions.
  • Contingency planning supplements scenario planning. It outlines how an institution will respond to a scenario.
  • Continuity planning keeps your college or university moving forward during an operational interruption.

Help with COVID-19 response and planning

COVID-19 affects every campus function, large and small. These resources will help you respond in a way that’s integrated and aligned.