Southern Regional Conference | Future-Proof Planning

October 4-6, 2020
Tampa, FL
Update: We understand that schedules and travel ability for most are still unknown—that’s why we are working to create ways for both virtual and face-to-face participation in these events. Stay tuned for more to come.

Share your knowledge. Make Connections. Think Big. Present in Tampa.  

2020 represents the start of a new decade, bringing with it new opportunities to explore, share, and discover what’s in store for higher education. Even as we look toward the exciting possibilities for educational advancement and ingenuity over the coming years, institutions are also confronting the harsh realities of economic uncertainty, climate change, and a global pandemic. How is your institution responding to the challenges of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow? What positive changes have you made to set your institution up for long-term success? How can higher education adapt in the face of rapid change? Submit your proposal for the SCUP 2020 Southern Regional Conference and share how you’re future-proofing your institution for the 2020s and beyond. 

Future-Proof Planning

Integrated planning is key to successfully future-proofing higher education institutions.  Integrated planning is a holistic approach to planning that takes into account the rapid rate of change, aligns organizational goals, and focuses on adaptiveness and resilience, and engages all sectors of an institution—academic affairs, student affairs, business and finance, campus planning, information technology, communications, and development. It involves all stakeholders—faculty, students, staff, alumni, and external partners.

Future-proof planning layers in guidelines for planning and design to provide long-term usefulness, effectiveness, and success regardless of as yet unforeseeable changes. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal! 

The call for proposal deadline was May 8, 2020.

We recognize the world is an uncertain place and we’re all grappling with planning for the future. But now is the time our community needs to share experiences so we can grow stronger and become more resilient. All submissions regardless of your region, travel status, or organization will be considered.