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Where planning comes together. T​he power of SCUP is its community. We learn from one another, sharing how we’ve achieved success and, maybe more importantly, what we’ve learned from failure. SCUP authors, produces, and curates thousands of resources to help you prepare for the future, overcome challenges, and bring planning together at your college or university.
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Planning for Higher Education Journal

College Affordability and Institutional Pricing PoliciesLocked

From Volume 45 Number 3 | April–June 2017
Institutions would do well to make their complex pricing policies more clear to students and families to help them understand how a higher education is more affordable than most people believe.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Cultivating the Future of Graduate EducationLocked

Factors Contributing to Salary for Recent Doctorate Degree Recipients
From Volume 41 Number 4 | July–September 2013
Like any individual seeking to make a rational decision, doctoral students must decide if the benefits of earning this degree outweigh the costs.

How to Support Successful Institutional Planning

What does it take to succeed at integrated planning in higher education? We surveyed over 94,000 college and university professionals. Here’s what they said makes a difference.

Integrated Planning Glossary

Words matter. In higher education, each unit often has its own language—acronyms, jargon, and connotations. A glossary can help college and university planning start on the right foot.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Predictive ModelingLocked

Linking Enrollment and Budgeting
From Volume 40 Number 1 | October–December 2011
A simple enrollment projection model and a tuition model allowed the University of Delaware to better plan for an uncertain future.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

College Unranked: Ending the College Admissions FrenzyLocked

From Volume 36 Number 2 | January–March 2008
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Pricing and Enrollment PlanningLocked

From Volume 31 Number 4 | June–August 2003
This article holds that institutions maximize their long- run quality reputation through the accomplishments of their alumni. It presents a management model for pricing and enrollment planning which yields optimal pricing decisions relative to student fees and average scholarship, the institution’s financial ability to support students, and an average cost-pricing rule. The model reveals that pricing rules based on the theory of the firm are inappropriate for higher education.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Remaking the American University: Market-Smart and Mission-CenteredLocked

From Volume 36 Number 2 | January–March 2008
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Strategic Enrollment Management and PlanningLocked

From Volume 16 Number 3 | 1987–1988
Conference Presentations

Breaking Down Silos, Building Up Enrollment

Published 2018
We will present the strategic and collaborative methods to our success and share how Stockton’s Chief Planning Office played an important role in breaking down common silos that impeded efforts to collaborate, innovate, and succeed.

Succeeding at Planning Survey Report

Results from the 2015 Survey of Higher Education Leaders
Published 2015
SCUP partnered with the Baker Strategy Group in 2015 to conduct a study with more than 2,200 leaders who plan at colleges and universities. Several themes emerged around planning challenges and how to respond, which are explored in this report.

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement ToolkitLocked

Published 2019
This toolkit includes recommendations and worksheets to help you analyze your stakeholders and determine how to meaningfully engage them in the planning process.
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