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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Academic Deans Reveal Their Leadership StylesLocked

Annual Budgeting Becomes an Exercise in How Authority is Enacted
From Volume 48 Number 3 | July–September 2020
Academic deans adopt one of three approaches when developing the annual budget report for their colleges: distributed authorship, delegated authorship, or dominated authorship. Depending on the approach they select, deans can include and collaborate with their senior teams—or exclude, ignore, and alienate them. Their choice demonstrates how they lead.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Integrating Planning Into the Development of Future Higher Education Leaders

From Volume 46 Number 3 | April–June 2018
A practitioner-based program uses the practices of integrated planning to cultivate the knowledge and decision-making capacity of mid-level faculty and administrators, enhancing the higher education leadership of tomorrow.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Engaging Faculty Senates in the Budget Planning ProcessLocked

From Volume 39 Number 4 | July–September 2011
The opinions of faculty may add to the development of productive strategies during tough economic times.