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Announcing New SCUP Board Members

Published April 24, 2020
Now more than ever, effective leaders must be in place to position SCUP for its place in our new world. It is our pleasure to announce the SCUP community’s election of two new members and one returning member to the SCUP Board of Directors. They were elected by the association’s membership for a three-year term starting in July 2020.

Planning for: Professional Development for Online Faculty

Published April 6, 2020
Interview with Dr. Joel Domingo, Associate Professor and Chair, Research Institute, City University of Seattle (formerly Academic Program Director/Associate Professor of the online Ed.D. in Leadership Program).

Connecting the SCUP Community – COVID-19

Published March 24, 2020
The word “pandemic” changed everything causing significant disruption in our day-to-day living and expectations. In this unprecedented time, it is even more important than ever that we keep our connections alive as we support one another and help higher education develop the solutions that will ensure our students and institutions continue to thrive. As part of the SCUP community, there are a number of virtual tools at your disposal to use to stay connected.

Ways to Connect With SCUP Peers During COVID

Published March 13, 2020
We are a community where planning comes together, and I know that our professional work and connections create relationships that transcend the plan. We have heard many of you are leading crisis management activities on campuses. Then there are the thousands of you supporting the institutions, having tough conversations in an effort to partner on what’s next. It’s remarkable to see how a crisis activates the best of humanity and reminds us of the power of the SCUP community. Crisis brings questions and the need to connect with a supportive community. We have two tools at your disposal to connect with SCUP members.

Planning for: Allergen-Free Dining

Published February 28, 2020
Nearly half of all college students today avoid at least one food allergen, according to a report listed in our Spring 2020 issue of Trends in Higher Education. As the number of students with disclosed food allergies continues to rise, allergen-free dining has become a key consideration in creating a healthy and inclusive campus—as well as in recruitment and retention efforts. Recently, Michigan State University opened an allergen-free dining hall on its campus called Thrive. We caught up with Gina Keilen, Registered Dietitian, Culinary Services, at Michigan State to learn more about the planning process and how her team’s efforts are positively impacting the campus community.

Planning for: Effective Data Analytics

Published February 25, 2020
Interview with Colleen Carmean, former associate vice chancellor for academic innovation, University of Washington-Tacoma, about effectively using data to improve teaching, learning and business operations.

It’s Time to Join the Band

Published February 13, 2020
Where does the SCUP community come together to “join the band?”

Planning For: Open Educational Resources (OER)

Published January 6, 2020

5 Ways to Use Environmental Scanning

Published October 11, 2019
The practice of environmental scanning is often a first step in the strategic planning process. Typically, planning teams engage in an exhaustive analysis of the internal and external forces acting on the institution to set the planning context. But should scanning the internal and external environment be limited to the early phases of strategic planning?

Making the Connection: Championing Integrated Planning

Published June 12, 2019
At SCUP, we see our responsibility beyond just our current community, to the higher education community as a whole.

Planning For: Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Published November 1, 2019
Realistic planning for the operations and financing of SAVs will require cooperation between departments such as facilities, parking and transportation, finance, student affairs, and planning.
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