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Why reinvent the wheel? These planning​ tools guide you through different activities and assessments so you can spend less time looking up templates and more time moving your college or university forward.

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Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement ToolkitLocked

Published 2019
This toolkit includes recommendations and worksheets to help you analyze your stakeholders and determine how to meaningfully engage them in the planning process.

How to Support Successful Institutional Planning

What does it take to succeed at integrated planning in higher education? We surveyed over 94,000 college and university professionals. Here’s what they said makes a difference.

Integrated Planning Glossary

Words matter. In higher education, each unit often has its own language—acronyms, jargon, and connotations. A glossary can help college and university planning start on the right foot.

Academic Planning AssessmentLocked

Just because your college or university lacks a documented academic plan doesn’t mean you’re not doing academic planning. This assessment can help you determine how many academic planning practices you’re doing now.