Institutional Decisions of How to Carry On After a Campus Tragedy

An Examination of Campus-Based Memorial Structures and Commemorative Spaces
Cover (Institutional Decisions of How to Carry On After a Campus Tragedy)
Published 2019
By Mahauganee Shaw Bonds, 2017–2018 SCUP Fellow
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This is the SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2017–2018 program.

After a campus tragedy, the first steps for the community toward settling into the new normal often entail working through the gravity of recent events. This work includes a need for internal reflection, external processing, and collective healing. Campus communities engaged in this process often find a way to memorialize the events that have shaken them and to honor the lives of any community members lost to tragedy. This research project focuses on physical memorials that are the result of a tragic moment in institutional history.