Planning for Higher Education Journal

‘Smart Change’ for Turbulent Times

Planning for Survival Requires Speed, Flexibility, and Committed Leadership
Cover (‘Smart Change’ for Turbulent Times)
From Volume 48 Number 3 | April–June 2020
By Linda Baer and Ann Hill Duin
Challenges: Change Management
Planning Types: Continuity Planning

“Smart change” requires an understanding of when and how to employ routine, strategic, and transformative change. Amid COVID-19, we face an existential threat that demands institutions reimagine higher education as more inclusive, affordable, relevant, and successful. To do so, planners/leaders must emphasize the well-being and success of student/faculty/staff; develop scenarios for sustainable business models; design, develop, deliver, and train instructors to teach across and with all modalities; build collaborative networks within and across institutions; and connect with local, state, and regional businesses and industry.

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